Project Management for Independent Creatives

In case you couldn't make it to our seminar this weekend, we invited Dr. Mazin Gadir to lead a workshop-based seminar where he went into detail what PMI is and why it is important to be a part of it!

Dr. Mazin Gadir is the Senior Consultant and Advisor at the Executive Office for Organisational Transformation, Dubai Health Authority with responsibility for Health Strategy Development, Implementation, Execution and Transformation. As a management consultant, he accumulated a depth of experience covering many global organisations in the UK, France, UAE, Australia, India and the USA.

Over the 2 hours the seminar was held, he presented the principles of project management and demonstrated with real examples how this will reflect on professional skills in the future. This, along with project management skills and competencies, will enable and empower designers and freelancers to better serve clients which in turn, drives professionals to excel in their field.

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