Design Linguistics by HKD

Since kick-starting our first workshop. We are proud to announce the next upcoming workshop on Jewelry design named "Design Linguistics". It is conducted by Farah Nasri [Jewelry Designer & Architect], Maryam Ahli [Art Historian and Architect] & Ghaya Bin Mesma [Graphic Designer]

The workshop gives its students the know how on how to present jewelry design as a language in its own right. The final product will be a presentation in the format of a food-chain: From architectural mood image > to concept > to visual language > to a sketched jewelry product.

This workshop works best as a series. It is intended to grow into a course that utilizes Rhino and 3D printing techniques to give rise to the jewelry piece, not just as in the format of a sketch, but as a wearable sculpture.

If you are keen to learn about this unique process of jewelry design and willing to attend this workshop, Please click the following link

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