3D Printing Strategies for Designers

Synergetic-Operas will be hosting a one-day workshop that is based on research conducted in London at the AA’s Design Research Laboratory and is now being continued in Dubai under architect & researcher Soulaf Aburas in collaboration with architect and professor Samar Al-Zwaylif and architect Nadia Azaam.

The workshop is centered on building with plastics and understanding its intelligence as a material, specifically in the synergy of the appropriate technology – 3D printing. The malleability of plastics along with 3D printing techniques allows for innovative ways in which structures come to be fabricated and then constructed.

This workshop will hence focus on these relationships and tensions between form, materiality, and composition through the design and production of seamless morphed structures. A creation of such kind opens up possibilities of re-thinking structural elements in product design as well as optimizing minimal volume in the design of one element.

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